Anil Bista Pyuthani freezes in the music video “with pictures”.

After the shooting of any film, serial and music video, all the parts are combined and given a complete or final form. But to do this work, skilled editors are needed, yes, one of the skilled and experienced editors is Anil Bista Pyuthani, Bista Pyuthan District, Gaumukhi rural municipality He was born on 2050/4/22 to mother Sita Paiyar and father Narayan Bista, a resident of 5 Khung. Bista is the son of 4 brothers any other  and 1 sister’s brother.

According to the inter-caste marriage of his mother and father, this Bista Pariyar is considered a progressive Pariyar. Anil Bista is not only seen as a film actor , but also a singer, model, and editor.

He says that in his childhood, he even went to India to pay rent and suffered hardships and struggles. He says that he came to Kathmandu initially to be a model because of the interest of the arts industry.

After coming to Kathmandu, he became a model, singer, editor, and now he is the owner of Jal Rapti Music Company. In the beginning, his “Dilko Raja” music video was very liked by the audience, he has modeled and edited in hundreds of music videos.

Recently, came  “Kanchu Mayalu” released in the market from Jal Rapti Music Company, is popular in the market and he has said that he will continue to love the song again and again in this field.

He is curriculum

Date of birth – 1993 August 6

Birth place – Pyuthan

Height – 5.6

School – Gaumukhi Higher Secondary School

Education – Nine Class

Music Video – 100 More

Profession – Singer / Model / Editor

Debut video – Dil ko Raja (Director)

Relationship – Single

Hobbies – Music Industry Profession Company

(Owner / Producers) – Jal Rapti Digital Music Pvt.Ltd

Watch one of his music videos.

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